Service & Repairs


Your product has a warranty which covers manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials. Our warranty does not cover repairs resulting from carrier damage, misuse or neglect of the product, normal wear and tear, or repairs beyond the warranty period.

For warranty repair evaluation, your product will need to be evaluated by our Authorized Repair Center. Please note any shipping costs to the repair center will be your responsibility.

The Authorized Repair Center will make the final determination on the status of the product with the possible following outcomes:

  • If the product is repairable and covered under warranty, the product will be repaired at American Tourister’s expense and returned to you.
  • If the product is not repairable and is covered under warranty, you will be contacted via email in regards to receiving a comparable warranty replacement at no cost to you.
  • If the product is repairable and not covered under warranty, you may either have the product returned to you un-repaired, or have the product repaired at your own expense. This will be communicated to you by the Authorized Repair Center via email.
  • If the product is not repairable and not covered under warranty, you can elect to have the Authorized Repair Center send the product back to you un-repaired, or you may ask the Authorized Repair Center to dispose of the product.

When creating your repair ticket, your options of getting your product to the authorized repair center are below:

You may choose to ship or personally bring your product to the authorized repair center. If you select to ship it to the repair center, we recommend using a carrier that will provide you with a tracking number.


You may choose to personally bring your product to a Samsonite Company Store and the store will be happy to ship this to the repair center for you at a a small fee:

  • $15 for piece under 22"
  • $20 for 24" or larger


To move forward with this process, please CLICK HERE to create your repair request.


Please complete our Contact Us page with details of your spare parts request. Be sure NOT to include any credit card information via this page. A team member will contact you by phone to obtain this information securely if necessary within 5-7 business days.

For faster service, copy and paste the below questions, followed by your answers into the COMMENTS SECTION of our Contact Us Page

  • 4 digit material group number located on interior label (Example below)
  • Size and color of product
  • Purchase information
  • Detailed description of part needed

Please be aware that all requests will be filled, subject to availability.


A number of our International and U.S. dealers have in-store repair facilities. Please note: Repair services and parts offered by our dealers are independent of Samsonite and are priced at the sole discretion of the dealer.

If you would like to have your product evaluated for repair by one of our authorized repair centers, Please CLICK HERE